Welcome to Merrifield Engineering!

Merrifield Engineering is a mechanical technology firm specializing in research, design and development of deployable/foldable truss structures for commercial, industrial and military/aerospace applications. We also provide general mechanical design services and consulting, including design and trade studies, product development planning and test planning/fixture design.

This site will introduce you to our products and their benefits, along with their operation & features, and to services we offer. We will inform you on how our unique truss structures can benefit your business or agency. We can provide applications engineering data on request, including application layouts, truss selection recommendations and licensing information.

Current business activity is focused on engineering development and marketing of a range of innovative designs for folding solar arrays for high-power mobile PV generators and utility-scale PV powerplants. We completed design and manufacturing activity for a solar PV project at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. For this project, we provided manufacturing drawings and engineering support for a new concept portable power system which uses our structural products to provide for compact stowage, transport and quick deployment of arrays of photovoltaic panels. (see photo, above right and our Media Page)




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